Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Yeh Hai Mohabattein 6th January 2015 Written Update

Bhallas-iyyer pose for a family pic. Adi will be looking on shagun sadly. Ishu finds this and brings shagun and asks to take adi's family pic. Though raman doesnt like, he will be forced to take pictures with shagun. Adi will be happy to have pics with raman-shagun. Shagun thanks ishu for allowing her in the family pic. Shagun thinks she would kick ishu from the family very soon. Mihika will be having drinks, mihir grabs mihika and scolds her why she has cheated on him and is she happy with ashok. Mihika scolds mihir for misbehaving with someone's wife. Vandhu comes there and asks mihir to stop. Vandhu says mihika that they know she isnt happy with ashok and asks her to tell the truth. But mihika leaves saying she is happy. Ashok goes to shagun and wishes her. Again ashok walks to ishu and taunts her that they are a family now and he dint expect that raman will become a relative to him. Raman comes there and yells at ashok not to involve with his family. Ashok taunts raman that he has only single woman in his past and married to one woman but raman has two ladies in his house. Raman gets hyper but ishu stops him. Ashok warns ishu to be careful as raman-shagun's love might blossom again. Shagun scolds ashok that she respects raman and ishu. Ishu defends shagun-raman that if they doesnt marry then she wouldnt have got adi and ruhi. Ishu clears ashok that she isnt jealous. And he shouldnt talk about raman's character. 

Vandhu takes mihika into a washroom and insists to tell the truth. Mihika cries and explains that suraj-ashok has made a plan. Suraj has acted as if he is in coma and ashok has blackmailed her that mihir will get a death sentence and ruhi will be taken away from ishu as well. So she got married to ashok. Vandhu feels bad for mihika and cries along. Mihika comes out and leaves with ashok. The couples are announced for dance. Ishu insists raman to dance with shagun, ishu dances with adi. Adi feels happy looking at raman-shagun. Later, ishu makes raman-shagun cut their anniversary cake. Raman feels bad for ishu. Ishu gives her earrings and asks raman to gift them to shagun. Raman unwillingly gives to shagun, adi feels happy.