Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Diya Aur Bati Hum 12th May 2015 Written Update

Suraj will be worried whether he can win the kabaddi match or not. Pari-misri will be discussing to let emily meet few grooms. Emily comes there. Misri tells pari has to participate in mom-daughter competition. Emily says the kids that she cannot dance. On pari's insisting emily agrees to participate. Menakshi brings tea for vikram and tells new stock of sarees has come. Mohit asks menakshi not to bother about new stock of sarees anymore. Menakshi-vikram asks why not. Mohit replies that bhabo is supporting suraj to play kabaddi to win and build a hotel on his name but if loses the game then suraj would take over their saree shop which is on his name as suraj doesnt have any other work. Menakshi-vikram gets worried about their children's future. 

Suraj-sandhya come there. Suraj assures menakshi-vikram not to worry as he has prepared well for the game. Sandhya as well asks the couple not to worry. Suraj tells the couple that he would write the shop onto their name so that they dont get into troubles regarding the shop. Vikram-mohit wonders at suraj's decision. Menakshi will be happy. Menakshi says she would bring the papers and ask suraj to sign. But bhabo stops mena and asks whether she believes in suraj or not and does she support him or not. Mena says she believes in suraj and she would support him as well. Suraj explains bhabo that anyone might get worried about their future and he would not make others get into troubles because of his dream. But bhabo again stops mena and asks suraj to let his family show the respect & belief towards him as he has done for them. Suraj again says he cannot make his family worried and he can do anything for his family. Sandhya gets emotional. Bhabo feels bad thinking suraj-sandhya has done so many sacrifices and suffered a lot for their family. Bulbul agrees with bhabo. Sandhya asks suraj to practice well. Aryan gives few tips about the game, sandhya asks aryan to help suraj about the game. 

Vansh comes to ankur-bulbul and tells he has learnt about his real parents and he wants to go to them. Ankur bulbul will be shocked. Ankur asks did he meet anyone and if anyone has told him so. Ankur says he is his father. Bulbul tells ankur that vansh is acting. Ankur gets angry. Bulbul takes away vansh and says their dad gets angry on silly jokes as well. Bhabo comes there and tells vansh should learn the truth now. Bhabo says she is worried as her grandson has the right to know the truth. Bhabo appreciates ankur saying he upbringing of vansh was quite good than them. Bhabo asks ankur why they arent allowed to meet vansh and why his own parents are shown as enemies. Ankur doesnt agree to let the truth to be known to vansh. Bhabo scolds ankur that he has snatched away her son from sandhya.