Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th May 2015 Written Update

Hetal makes an excuse and rushes away before vidya asks anything else. Vidya doubts all the elders are avoiding the secret about gopi. Mansi will be waiting for ahem. Urmi finds this and intentionally irks mansi. Urmi throws mud on mansi and yells at urmi. Ahem-koki reaches home and finds mansi yelling at urmi. Mansi complaints ahem about urmi. Koki asks ahem to take mansi later but mansi insists ahem to take her. So ahem agrees. Koki thinks of alerting gopi before mansi takes her step to propose ahem for marriage. At modi house, tolu-molu asks pari about why koki is living with rashi in the chawl. Pari clears them that its true that rashi-urmi wasnt well so koki is taking care of urmi. Jigar comes there and supports pari saying rashi wasnt well. Jigar asks his kids to forget about gopi's matter and concentrate on their studies. Kinjal overhears their conversation and thinks of telling this to mansi. Mansi adds ring in ahem's tea cup and plans to act innocent to propose ahem. Ahem has some sips of tea. But gopi comes there and throws away ahem's cup. Gopi says mansi has added something in his tea. Mansi gets angry and yells at gopi that she has planned to propose ahem and gopi has flopped her plan. Urmi hits mansi and takes away the ring. Kinjal calls mansi and tells vidya is investigating about gopi's past, if the kids learn about gopi's past then they would stop hating gopi and convince ahem to take back gopi into his life. Mansi gets worried. Mansi tells kinjal that they would use vidya to reach their goal. All the 4 kids gather, Vidya tells mira-tolu-molu that everyone in the house are lying about gopi's past and they should learn the truth. Mira-tolu-molu wonders but determines to know the truth. Vidya asks tolu-molu did gopi has talked about her living in US or her treatment. But tolu says no. Tolu explains how they brought gopi from the market and met everyone in the house. Vidya asks about the gifts gopi has gifted them. Mira-vidya checks them and tells these things are not from US. Mira insults gopi which makes tolu-molu angry. But vidya stops them. Vidya thinks of checking gopi's passport to find whether gopi has gone to US or not. Vidya requests tolu-molu to help them. The twins agree. Modis have dinner. Tolu-molu starts arguing about eating and plans to lift pari and steal locker keys. 

Kids find gopi's passport has expired 8years back so gopi wasnt in US in these 10 years.