Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Diya Aur Bati Hum 14th May 2015 Written Update

Ankur apologizes sandhya-suraj for his mistake. Ankur agrees that he was wrong and he misbehaved. Ankur asks ved to take blessings from sandhya-suraj. Ved does. Suraj kisses ved, sandhya will be happy and hugs ved. Suraj says he is happy that both the families are together again and this is like a dream. Vansh will be happy and says ved that he has an uncle-aunt and he has a big family. Bhabo says ved that vansh is his brother. Bhabo will be happy for suraj that it looks like a good sign as on the same day suraj going to join in khabaddi team. Ankur asks bhabo about khabaddi, suraj tells its a big story and sandhya is training him. Ankur makes fun that police are so strict in training. Suraj invites ankur to have food and leave. Ankur asks for bhabo prepared laddus. Vansh says he too wanna taste them. Bhabo promises to make them. 

Sandhya starts training suraj. Suraj gets hurt in practice. Menakshi gives him haldi milk to gain energy. Suraj says he treats sandhya as his teacher and would give a good result. Sandhya replies that there is a long way for his success. Next morning, sandhya again starts training, suraj does well in all the exercises. Bhabo-bhabasa will be happy for their child's determination. Bhabo packs suraj's bag. Ved will be upset as suraj will be away for 15 days. Ved again says its more important for suraj to stay away for his dream to fulfill. All the rati family members wish suraj for success. Aryan gives a laptop to suraj and asks him to watch khabaddi game tricks on internet and chat online with sandhya. While leaving, suraj says sandhya that he will miss her for 15 days. Sandhya wishes him luck for the game. Suraj says he is much more tensed about the game. Sandhya encourages suraj for success.