Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Yeh Hai Mohabattein 14th May 2015 Written Update

Ashok laughs and makes fun of shagun as she dint check her own passport. Shagun will be worried as teacher might tell ishu that the trip is in 2 days. But ashok says shagun that they would make teacher tell ishu that the trip is postponed for few days. Shagun feels relieved. Simmi goes for a date with subbu. Simmy will be much more worried about ananya and keeps calling toshi to know about her updates. Subbu comes aside and calls ishu and asks about the gift he has given her. Ishu thanks subbu for the gift and tells all set. Subbu goes back to simmy and takes her mobile. Subbu installs an app in the mobile so that simmy can watch ananya online. Simmyi thanks subbu. Both start talking freely. Param will be on the next table listening to the couple's conversation. Sujatha calls ishu and asks about subbu-simmy's date, ishu confirms that they went on a date. Sujatha scolds ishu for sending them on date before simmy got her 
divorce properly from param and he has called her and was warning her to ruin simmy's life. Ishu says though param does anything to simmy the result would be bad for param. 

Ishu-romi goes to param and asks to sign the divorce papers. But param demands 60 lakh rupees in return. Ishu-romi come out of the house and think what they should do. Ishu will be worried that param might demand more money if they start giving him. Romi asks ishu to tell raman. Ishu says before she would go to school and pick the kids. Romi asks ishu to go to hospital and get her plaster removed and he would take care of kids. Mihika will be on the road waiting for an auto, 2 goons whistle at her. Mihika mistakes acp who was standing there and yells at him. Acp tries to defend himself but mihika scolds him. Romi comes there and supports mihika for harassing her. Acp asks mihika to take to the police station and solve the matter. All the three go to a police station. There mihika learns it was Acp and she has misunderstood. Acp appreciates mihika for being brave, mihika apologizes Acp and leaves from there with romi. 

Ishu goes to the hospital, doc removes her plaster. The doc gets a call, on the call the doc says he would give the money. Ishu asks the doc whats the problem. Doc tells he wants to open an own clinic and he need some money. Ishu gets some idea and will be happy. Romi-mihika come to the hospital, ishu asks happily to take her home. Simmy returns home. Toshi asks whether all okay or not. Toshi explains simmy that their family is full of divorce-custody cases but at the end bhallas only wanted their children to be happy. Simmy cries and hugs her mother. Ishu-mihika-romi-mihir arrive home. Ishu asks mihika how did param get revenue to start the new business, mihika says he used to take money from ashok. Mihir says he would check this. Ishu says now they will make param to sign on divorce papers without any problem. 

Raman returns home. Raman is happy looking at his family and ishu walking.