Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Friday, 15 May 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th May 2015 Written Update

Mira-tolu-molu finds gopi's jail discharge papers and shocks. Tolu-molu still couldnt believe. Mira browses internet and finds the news that ahem's wife got arrested because of radha's murder. Mira starts bad mouthing about gopi that she killed radha because she loved ahem. Mira will be worried for mansi that gopi might kill mansi too. Vidya decides to go to Indore jail and find out why gopi was arrested and was in jail for 10 years. Tolu-molu supports vidya and says they would come along. But mira says she doesnt want any more proofs about gopi. Vidya says they would say ahem that tolu-molu wants to know about some course in Indore so she is going along with them. If they take a flight now they can return before night. Kinjal overhears this conversation and feels happy. Kinjal calls mansi and tells their plan has worked very well. Mansi says after learning the truth vidya would meet ahem-gopi-koki so that time she would convince vidya-mira saying gopi might kill her and take away ahem to Mumbai. And in future gopi cannot disturb them anymore. 

At chawl, gopi will be upset thinking about radha. Koki consoles she has done nothing wrong and no need to feel guilty. Gopi feels insecure and feels something bad gonna happen. Mansi finds ahem coming back home, mansi throws food on the ground. Urmi scolds mansi and asks to clean it up. Mansi denies, urmi starts hitting mansi. Koki-gopi stops urmi. Ahem comes inside the house, mansi pretends as if urmi-koki are hitting her though she is working since morning. Gopi-koki yells at mansi not to lie. Mansi says gopi was provoking them to hit her. Ahem says she can believe that urmi can hit her but not koki-gopi. Mansi says they all are acting before him. Ahem gets angry and apologizes mansi for koki-gopi. Ahem walks off angrily from there. Mansi smiles at gopi. Gopi says mansi that she cannot behave before ahem. Mansi says everything fair in love and war and the ending will be interesting. Gopi wonders what mansi is going to do now. 

Jigar comes home and asks about kids. Pari says tolu-molu-vidya went to know about some course. Jigar is happy that all the kids are hanging out together. Pari will be happy that all the kids are staying together again. Vidya calls mira and asks her come to the chawl. Mira will be worried why vidya was sounding so low and goes to chawl. Kinjal calls mansi and tells mira has rushed to chawl. Mansi rushes outside and tries stoping vidya but vidya says she wants to clear all the problems in their family. Mansi says she feels unsafe in urmi's house because of gopi and asks vidya to convince ahem to shift Mumbai. Vidya comes inside the house. Ahem wonders why 3 of them together. Mira as well comes there. Vidya starts poking gopi why gopi was away from them for 10 years. Vidya asks ahem, he has told them that gopi was with rashi-hetal said to tolu-molu that gopi was in US-koki said gopi was in Bhuj with her aunt. How can a person be in 3 places at a time. Ahem-gopi shocks at vidya's questions. 

Vidya yells at gopi that she is a murderer.