Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 18 May 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th May 2015 Written Update

Vidya-tolu-molu-meera tells modis that they found the truth that gopi has murdered radha. Vidya blames gopi as Murderer.

Koki yells at everyone that she was waiting for gopi to reveal the truth before her kids but she remained silent. Koki scolds ahem for being quiet when vidya-tolu-molu were blaming gopi as murderer. She was proud about ahem but today she is ashamed of him. Koki says she would reveal the truth to everyone. Gopi tries to stop koki but koki denies. Koki yells at kids that papers arent true and no right to blame gopi. Tolu-molu asks koki that papers and pictures cannot be false. Koki starts saying what has happened that day but gopi takes promise not to tell the truth. Koki stops herself and scolds gopi why she want to hide the truth. Gopi says she has murdered radha and was in jail for 10 years. Koki says she cannot accept that gopi was wrong that day and has done all the justice. Gopi pleads koki not to utter a word anymore. Koki leaves the room. Gopi shatters and cries. Vidya wanted to console gopi but stops herself. Mansi will be worried that today she is saved by gopi with her promise but koki might reveal the truth anytime.

Mansi calls kinjal and tells their plan got successful. But she is worried about ahem's anger and she doubts vidya might hate gopi now. Kinjal says not to be over confident and tells a plan to make vidya hate gopi forever and support mansi. Koki in her room thinking about the words kids has spoken about gopi. Ahem comes there and apologizes for not supporting gopi. Ahem tells koki that he doesnt want his kids to know the truth and start loving gopi again. Koki gets angry and drags ahem out of her room and says she doesnt want to talk to him anymore. Though ahem bangs the door to open, koki remains silent inside the room. Gopi will be crying in her room, rashi comes to her. Rashi asks gopi whats the matter. Gopi says she failed in her relations. Rashi explains gopi that her teacher has told not to worry about her failures but take steps not to repeat those mistakes again to get success. Gopi feels happy as rashi tries to smile. 

Mansi in the corrider crying, meera comes there and asks whats the matter. Mansi says she is afraid of gopi that she might kill her. Meera convinces mansi that she would ask ahem to return Mumbai now as koki is ok. Mansi feels happy that her plan is working. Koki calls hetal-pari and tells kids has learnt the truth about gopi killing radha. All the 4 kids have scolded gopi badly. Koki feels upset as she couldnt support gopi because of gopi's promise. And ahem was silent. Hetal tries to console koki. Tolu-molu comes back home. Pari slaps tolu-molu. Pari scolds tolu-molu for insulting gopi. Hetal says pari is hitting the kids and she would call later. Koki thinks when pari can be hard towards her kids then why not she. Later, gopi brings food for koki and asks koki to open the door. Ahem comes there. Ahem scolds gopi that its all because of her. Gopi walks away. Ahem pleads koki to open the door and have some food but koki denies. Koki asks ahem to tell the truth to kids. Ahem says koki that he cannot tell the truth to kids. Koki says then she wouldnt talk to him. Ahem asks koki what he can do other than revealing the truth so that koki would talk to him. Koki asks whether he can anything she wishes. Ahem agrees. 

Koki hits ahem with a stick, gopi-vidya-mira tries to stop koki. Meera pushes away koki to save ahem.