Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th May 2015 Written Update

Koki opens the door when ahem agrees to do anything she wishes. Koki walks off from there. Jigar stops pari and says not to hit tolu-molu and he know what has happened in the chawl. Pari feels bad and asks tolu-molu that they should know the truth. But kinjal comes there and warns pari that she shouldnt tell the truth as per koki's wish. Pari says kinjal is trying to divert the topic so that she doesnt reveal the truth. Koki starts hitting ahem with a stick, gopi-vidya-meera tries stopping her. Mansi tries to defend ahem but when koki hits her, mansi gets back. Koki doesnt stop hitting so meera pushes away koki. Everyone help koki to stand again. Ahem scolds meera for pushing koki. Meera says she couldnt see her hitting him. Ahem scolds meera that mother can hit her child for their mistake. Meera says any child will defend their parents. Koki yells at vidya-meera that before 10 years yes gopi has killed radha. Koki yells at vidya-meera that they are feeling bad as she is hitting their father, but gopi's sister radha has planned to kill her own daughter rashi so gopi has killed radha to save rashi. There was no other option for gopi. Gopi isnt rashi's mother but gopi has saved rashi's life. As now meera has pushed her, gopi also dint had no other option and killed radha. Gopi has sacrificed her 10 years of life. Gopi doesnt make mistakes nor tries to hurt anyone. Koki again tells the contract was made because radha was blackmailing them to kill the baby so they made the agreement before doctor-a judge. And the newspaper ad was a demand by radha not to kill rashi which they have agreed to do. 

Here at modi house, pari says they both love rashi. Pari asks both to imagine rashi of 2months baby in a basket hanging and was blackmailing them to kill her. Radha has thrown gopi into the river. Koki has apologized radha but radha has slapped koki. Modis were helpless to save rashi. Ahem has jumped into the river to save his wife gopi. Gopi was saved by god and has killed radha to save rashi. (Same story repeats at the chawl). Koki yells at ahem for not defending his wife gopi and since 10 years vidya-meera are hating gopi. Koki yells at vidya-meera that they all has beared all the misbehavior but not now. Koki yells again that if anyone tries to insult gopi nor taunt gopi again then she would forget that they are her family and react in a bad way. Pari scolds tolu-molu for insulting gopi, she has upbrought the kids very well but she was wrong. Tolu-molu apologizes pari but she doesnt listen. After a while, pari forgives them. 

Koki yells that she will stay by gopi's side forever.