Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd May 2015 Written Update

Vidya comes to modi house and tells hetal-pari that she has forgiven gopi after knowing the truth. Kinjal hears this conversation and calls mansi. Kinjal taunts mansi to book tickets to return. Mansi asks kinjal's help. Kinjal asks mansi to come down to modi house and take meera out. Ahem comes to koki who is lying on bed, ahem sits near her feet and remains silent. Koki finds ahem at her feet and says he is feeling guilty about his mistakes so he had to take a step and accept gopi now. Gopi comes there and tells she is going to modi house and talk to meera before she makes a mess over there. Though koki-ahem tries stopping her, gopi leaves. Meera will be fuming with anger, mansi comes to her room. Mansi consoles meera and asks her to go for dinner with her friends and chill out. Meera leaves happily. Meera leaves though pari stops her. Gopi comes home. Pari asks mansi to tell where meera has gone. Mansi says she doesnt know. Pari twists mansi's hands so she says meera went to some restaurant. Gopi says she would meet there and leaves from there. Gopi takes jigar's car. While gopi on the way to restaurant, she finds meera in some car with a guy. Gopi's mobile gets damaged in the traffic. Gopi follows meera to a pub. Mansi comes to chawl and acts that pari-gopi has hurt her again. Ahem-vidya doesnt believe that gopi has hit her. Mansi says she has lied to gopi about meera's party venue. Ahem-vidya scolds mansi. Both start off to find gopi-meera.