Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th May 2015 Written Update

 Meera pushes gopi and she falls off the building breaking the glass. Gopi falls on the car. Ahem shocks looking at gopi in blood. Ahem rushes and picks her up. He pleads other cars to help but no one responds. Jigar-pari reach and find gopi injured. Ahem takes gopi to their car and rushes to the hospital. Vidya scolds meera for pushing away gopi. Meera yells she dint push purposefully. Koki serves food to urmi-dhaval. Koki says she is waiting for gopi. She calls ahem-gopi but both phones are unanswered. Ahem reaches hospital with gopi. Doc asks modis to leave the room to test gopi. But ahem denies to leave gopi's hand. Vidya pleads ahem to come out. Ahem walks out. After checking gopi doc tells modis that gopi needs a surgery. Dhaval calls ahem on koki's request, vidya talks to dhaval and tells gopi is alright and she would make gopi to talk to him. Jigar asks vidya why to lie when koki learns about the truth she might get hurt. Vidya says atleast for some time they should wait as koki is unwell now. Meera calls mansi and asks to come out of the house and she is in the chawl. Manis comes downstairs. meera tells mansi about gopi's accident. Urmi who is near by to them hears this and beats meera for hurting gopi. Meera-mansi run away from there. Urmi thinks of informing koki. But jigar stops her and tells koki couldnt bear the news about gopi now so they need to hide this from koki. Koki comes there and finds urmi crying and asks what has happened. Urmi says a character in a daily soap is injured so she is upset. Koki consoles urmi. Jigar tells koki that pari has talked to gopi and she is fine. Koki prays khana ji to protect gopi. Ahem outside gopi's room remembers how he was been hurting gopi since a while and feels bad that he cannot live without her.

Power goes off in gopi's surgery. Peon tells the generator needs some repair.